Vision and Goals


As a natural progression following the CSP becoming more formalised in 2019, it became time to define the team’s purpose.

So, a clear uplifting and inspiring VISION Statement was created. The process was fully inclusive of the whole team and it came from the heart, making the aspirations of the CSP clear to all.

We now have a clear direction. Each year we will reflect on the progress made, celebrate our successes and move forward with new challenges.


With the Vision Statement created, we needed to decide how to achieve these aspirations.

Clear GOALS were created to ensure that the CSP VISION can be delivered. Again, the process was fully inclusive of the whole team and the GOALS provide a sense of direction, motivation and a clear focus for us all.

They are presented in a format that makes them easy to review, update and share.

The five Cancer Services Partnership Goals are as follows, in no order of priority:

  1. CSP always listening, and working in full collaboration with current stakeholders, to be the voice of cancer patients, their families and carers in cancer services development – TRUE PARTNERSHIP IS TRULY PRODUCTIVE

  2. CSP being visible whilst working in partnership with all stakeholders and the local community, to increase awareness of the importance of screening and early diagnosis

  3. CSP to understand the cancer journey in partnership with HHFT, listening to and using patient experiences and reflections to make a difference, to ensure outstanding care

  4. Being a voice, focusing on the health and wellbeing of all, throughout the whole cancer journey and beyond – NO-ONE HAS TO GO THROUGH THIS ALONE

  5. Being open and transparent in all we do

Please read the Minutes of our VISION Working Group along with our continually evolving Goals document which is updated after each CSP meeting.

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