True Partnership, is Truly Productive

An integral part of the group is the close working relationship that we have built with members of the HHFT Executive Board and all HHFT Cancer Services Clinicians.

The HHFT Lead Cancer Nurse, Cancer Services Matrons, Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS’s), Cancer Support

Workers and the Operational Service Manager for Cancer Services regularly attend our meetings, which enables us to take part in decisions made within HHFT Cancer Services.

We have support from National charities and organisations whose professionals regularly attending our meetings, along with representatives from local cancer support groups. We share updates with them and receive feedback from their members to pass on to HHFT or others, where appropriate.

CSP has many Stakeholders as shown in our Stakeholder Map below. They can be defined as any person or group of people who may:

  • have a significant interest in the services currently provided to HHFT cancer patients

  • have concerns and be affected by any changes in the delivery of HHFT Cancer Services

  • have a desire to improve, promote and ensure the delivery of outstanding cancer care by HHFT and local community healthcare providers

For more information about our Stakeholders, please visit out Stakeholders page.

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, please contact us below

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