What we do at our meetings

Our meetings bring our Cancer Services Partnership members together, along with our key hospital partners from HHFT, representatives of charities and local support groups, and any other invited speakers or guests.

In our two-hour Bi-Monthly meetings, we exchange news and updates on improvements, changes, and issues in

the north and central Hampshire area that may affect HHFT cancer patients, their families and carers’ experience.

Any concerns are discussed and if we feel they need to be highlighted, we will feed them back to the relevant organisations, hospitals, charities and support groups.

Where appropriate we agree on action plans which may be delegated to smaller CSP Working Groups, including representatives from HHFT where appropriate, to review, discuss and feedback.

CSP holds an annual AGM for the election of CSP Officers and Committee Members for the coming year and to review any topics tabled by the CSP Committee or CSP members.

We may also initiate or support projects pro-actively on a national or bespoke local basis to improve the overall patients, families and carers’ experience. See our Collaborations & Achievements pages for more information.

Networking Forums are hosted each year, bringing together the local cancer support network providers to share experiences and learnings with the intention of continuous improvement and development.

Where and When we meet

We have the use of meeting rooms within the HHFT hospitals and in the Ark Conference Centre on the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital site.

There will be times when travelling to our venues may be a challenge. To support increased accessibility, we aim to offer where possible virtual attendance to our meetings.

Our meetings are held every 2 months, in the daytime during the working week.

For more information on our meeting dates, visit our Bi-Monthly Meetings pages or to find details of our meeting locations visit the HHFT website.

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, or you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact us below

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