CSP Working Groups

Cancer Services Partnership regularly exchanges news and updates on improvements, changes, and issues in the north and central Hampshire area that may affect HHFT cancer patients, their families and carers’ experience.

Any concerns are discussed and if we feel they need to be highlighted, we will

feed them back to the relevant organisations, hospitals, charities and support groups.

Where appropriate we agree on action plans which may be delegated to a smaller CSP Working Group, including representatives from HHFT where appropriate, to review, discuss and feedback.

A number of Working Groups have been created, made up of volunteers from the CSP and, at times an HHFT representative. Details of these groups and their achievements can be found by clicking the links below:

      CSP Website Redesign Working Group                   Active Working Group

      CSP GDPR & Data Protection Working Group        Work completed

      CSP Constitution Working Group                             Work completed

      CSP VISION and Goals Working Group                    Work completed

      Patients Handbook Working Group                         Work paused due to Covid 19

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, or you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact us below

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