Website Redesign Working Group

Having created our Vision statement, Goals and Actions, Constitution and GDPR Policy, we were able to begin actioning one of our Goals, “being open and transparent in all that we do”, by creating a working group to review and update our Website.

We are very fortunate

that one of our members has an IT background and is helping to update the website, before we plan and execute new ways of raising awareness and reaching and supporting many more patients, families and carers, within the HHFT area.

Dates of working group meetings

03 July 2020        First meeting to agree a process and review the existing HOME page – read the Minutes

14 July 2020         Second meeting to finalise & publish new HOME page & review existing ABOUT US page – read the Minutes

24 July 2020        Third meeting to finalise the HOME page and agree ABOUT US sub-pages – read the Minutes

03 August 2020   Fourth meeting to agree ABOUT US pages for update and start to review MEETINGS pages. Also review Hierachy diagram and confirm TAB title– read the Minutes

17 August 2020     Fifth meeting to agree the Contact Us page and review MEETINGS pages – read the Minutes

24 August 2020    Sixth meeting to confirm MEETINGS pages – done via zoom screen-sharing

02 Sept 2020         Seventh meeting to review and agree STAKEHOLDERS pages, NEWS pages and LIBRARY pages – done via zoom screen-sharing – read the Minutes

This working group is currently still active and updates will follow after each meeting.

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, or you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact us below

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