VISION, Goals and Actions Working Group

As a natural progression following the CSP becoming more formalised in 2019, it became time to define the team’s purpose.

A working group was created in January 2020 and with subsequent meetings cancelled due to Coronavirus, we made good use of video conferencing to hold regular meetings and create a clear, uplifting and inspiring Vision Statement.

A set of Goals and Actions encompassing requests from CSP Members then followed and a Stakeholder Map was created, perfectly illustrating our partnerships and relationships. The process of using a smaller working group enabled decisions to be made quickly and for the whole project to be completed in 6 months.

Dates of working group meetings

29 Jan 2020           First meeting Minutes

1 April 2020            Second meeting Minutes

29 April 2020         Third meeting Minutes

18 May 2020           Fourth meeting agreed Goals & a Stakeholder Map Minutes

26 May 2020          Sub Working Group defined Actions (from members) Minutes

29 May 2020          Sub Working Group completed Actions

8 June 2020           Draft Goals document circulated

11 June 2020           Draft Stakeholder Map circulated

15 June 2020          Fifth meeting reviewed feedback on circulated documents Minutes

25 June 2020         Sub Working Group made Actions “SMART”, and delegated actions

30 June 2020         Final Goals Document & final Stakeholder Map circulated

This working group has successfully created the CSP Vision Statement, Stakeholder Map and Goals & Actions document.

Click here to see our latest version of our ever-evolving Goals and Actions document

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