CSP Bi-Monthly Meetings

In our two-hour Bi-Monthly meetings, we bring together patients, their families and carers, key HHFT and hospital partners and representatives of relevant charities and local support groups to enable their views and experiences to be heard and used to improve cancer care in the HHFT area.

Our meetings are always attended by HHFT clinicians including the Lead Cancer Nurse, Chemotherapy Matron and Cancer Support Workers who give us updates on HHFT Cancer Services – the challenges, the changes and the improvements / achievements. The Operational Service Manager for HHFT Cancer Services is always in attendance and in regular contact with us, and we have also welcomed Trust executives including the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer) and the Director of Surgical Services.

We exchange news and updates on improvements, changes and issues in the north and central Hampshire area that may affect HHFT cancer patients, their families and carers’ experience.

Any concerns are discussed and if we feel they need to be highlighted, we will feed them back to the relevant organisations, hospitals, charities and support groups.

To find out more about our meetings, please do read the minutes from our previous meetings below:

Past and Future Meetings in 2020
Meetings in 2019
Meetings in 2018
Meetings in 2017

If you would like to come along to a future Bi-Monthly meeting, please click on the current year above to find the date of our future planned meetings, or contact us.

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, or you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact us below

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