Autumn 2018 Support Groups & Organisations Networking Forum

Cancer Services Partnership, North Hampshire Hospitals and Macmillan Cancer Support co-developed the event to bring together local cancer support groups and self-help groups, Cancer Services Partnership (CSP), healthcare professionals and Macmillan professionals to share, learn and develop relationships with the following aims:

  promote the work and role of the CSP
  increase membership and engagement with CSP
•  bring together and raise awareness of local support groups and organisations
  provide opportunities for organisations and groups to share and learn from each other
  provide networking opportunities for all attendees

31 attendees from a range of groups and organisations were welcomed, with introductions from all attendees around the room.

Presentations and talks followed from HHFT Deputy Cancer Services Manager, Chair of Cancer Services Partnership (CSP) and from a number of local cancer support groups and organisations.

After a networking lunch, there were two facilitated workshops with questions and feedback,

focusing on the benefits that support and self-help groups can offer, the challenges of running a support group, and what Macmillan and Cancer Services Partnership might do to improve links and learning across this groups network.

Thank you to everyone for attending and contributing to the day, and to the speakers and facilitators for presenting and managing the workshops. Read the Networking Event Report.

If you have been affected by cancer and would like to know more about CSP, please contact us below

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